A Big Thank You to Our Amazing Clients!

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This post has been long in the making, however I wanted to wait until our new blog was launched so it forever features on our new website. Basically this isn’t one of our normal web design themed blog posts, but the purpose of this post is basically to say a big THANK YOU to all of our amazing clients that put their hands in their pockets to sponsor me in September 2013. For all of you that aren’t aware I signed up to run the Great North Run, a half-marathon around Newcastle in the UK. I had chosen to raise money for the well-known children’s charity, the NSPCC, and had pledged to raise £400 for their good causes.

A panoramic shot of the Great North Road in Newcastle, about 1 hour before the start.

I had done the race once before back in 2011, and really wanted to beat my time of 1h51m, so I started my training a few months in advance, however due to a really annoying case of tendonitis I had to scale back my training until a few weeks before the event. Unfortunately this didn’t stop the pain from re-occurring when I started back up again, however I still managed to get through the race with the help of some painkillers. I was quite pleased with the time, considering my training plan didn’t really happen, and finished the race in pretty much the same time as last time.

As my JustGiving page shows I managed to raise £375 for the NSPCC from family, friends and also my clients here at AeroDigital. It means a lot to have the support of my clients, and I really do appreciate that. As a thank you I said I would mention those that donated (and didn’t mind being mentioned). There are a few that wanted to remain anonymous, but you know who you are so thank you as well! Anyway here are the clients and businesses that contributed – thanks again!

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