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For a website to be defined as a success it needs to do more than just look amazing. It could be the most usable and attractive website in the world however it’s fairly useless if no-one is actually visiting it. Increasing a website’s visibility and popularity is an art in itself, and focuses on a range of disciplines including social media management, search engine marketing, and search engine optimisation. An effective campaign would incorporate all three of these items simultaneously.

We have a wide range of experience in planning and implementing successful online marketing campaigns. The process begins by us initiating a review of your business goals, and then conducting competitor research, keyword research and planning a content strategy appropriate to your business and target audience. With the increasing popularity of various channels of social media, this is an often neglected (yet potentially very powerful!) area that also needs a strategy and focussed action to generate results.

We take a consultative approach whereby we work with you to define the perfect strategy that incorporates the above aspects, and then report regularly as we implement this over time. Analytics, conversion tracking and sales data then form the basis of the performance reports to assess the effectiveness of the different marketing channels, thus further optimising the campaign and maximising your budget.

“By utilising the latest search marketing techniques and tools we’re able to give your website the visibility it deserves…”
– Chris Pangburn, our MD

If you would like to discuss how we can help increase the visibility and effectiveness of your website then please contact us about our best-practice search engine marketing campaigns.

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