Get Targeted Traffic to Your Site with Facebook Ads

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If you’re in charge of the marketing for your website then you’ll no doubt be aware 0f the many different ways to advertise your business and website. Some are long term (eg: SEO and link building) whilst others have more instant results, such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and email marketing. One platform that you might not have considered is using Facebook to build leads and potential customers. Facebook has grown into a vastly popular social network, and despite its slight decline in popularity it still has a staggering 1.2 billion registered users.

Types of Facebook Ad

Here’s an example of a Facebook advert geared towards getting fan page ‘likes’ rather then website click-throughs.

It’s really easy to set up adverts on Facebook, and they can be created to achieve different purposes. These range from driving clicks through to your website, gaining likes to your company Facebook page, maximising website conversions and more. Building likes to a Facebook page can be an excellent way to increase engagement and customer loyalty, you can interact with your customers and post interesting and relevant updates. All of this will keep your company ‘top of mind’ with your customers or potential customers, as your page ‘fans’ will see the updates you post in their newsfeeds.

If it’s clicks through to your website that you’re after then you create your Ad in a similar way. You choose a headline, choose a few different images to use on the Ad, and write a short descriptive tagline to draw customers in. One of the excellent aspects to Facebook Ads is that you can carefully target your adverts to specific user demographics.

Maximise Your ROI & Keep Your Ads Targeted!

Here you can see how Facebook displays the potential reach of your advert

The vast amount of users that Facebook have on their website means that even if you choose quite a specific demographic they are still likely to have a lot of potential users. For example suppose you sell wedding dresses in the UK. You could set up your advert on Facebook to only display your Ad to a target audience with a ‘relationship status’ of ‘engaged’, female, and aged between 18-50. That’s just one example of how narrowly you can define your audience. Facebook will also show you roughly how many people fit your demographic criteria so you can see what the ‘reach’ of your advert is. Here are some of the fields you can choose from to narrow down the audience for your advert:

  • Location – country, state / county, City or postcode / ZIP
  • Age – you can select an upper and lower limit
  • Gender
  • Languages spoken
  • Relationship status of user
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Education level
  • School
  • Job Status
  • Family Status
  • Many more…

So if you’re wondering ‘does Facebook advertising work?’ then by finely tuning your Facebook adverts you can ensure your Ad is only displayed to a carefully targeted audience, thus making your advertising spend much more effective and targeted as well. By installing their conversion tracking script (or setting up a goal in Google Analytics), you can see how effective the advert has been in drawing in traffic and generating conversions. Once you’ve set up your account you will see that the cost of advertising on Facebook is probably lower than you think, and undoubtedly lower on a ‘cost per click’ basis than other platforms such as Google Adwords.

Don’t Forget to Have an Attractive Landing Page Designed

Obviously the success of the campaign does also depend on the quality of the landing page and how effective it is. It would be worthwhile having a professional web designer create your landing page that has been optimised with clear and contrasting calls-to-actions and engaging copy. By combining effectively targeted Ads with a high quality landing page you will be able to maximise conversions and consequently your ROI.

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