If you are thinking of getting a foot into the video editing world one of the things that you have to be proficient in is editing. There are many courses that can give you the basics of video editing but there is none as comprehensive as Adobe Premier Pro training. Whether you are thinking of getting into post production or broadcasting this course will provide you with skills that will enable you to become competitive in the job market. Adobe Premier Pro is a flexible program that can be used across many different platforms and by the time you complete your training you will be able to make stunning videos.

While there are many Premiere Pro Courses in the UK, it is important to choose your trainer carefully. If you attend just any college there is the risk of being taught by teachers who are not very capable or up to date. You may want to consider choosing an Adobe Premiere Pro authorised training centre in london as they are often the some of the best in the UK, with that in mind here are some pointers to look out for:

•    How experienced is the teacher? The trainer needs to know the course material inside out and can should be able to show their adobe certifications, i.e. they should have proper teaching skills They should be patient with their students and should have proper communication skills. These skills require lots of practical demonstration, so you should be looking for a trainer who is prepared to spend time showing you how the software works.

•    Class size matters when it comes to courses like Adobe Premier Pro.

If you enrol in a college that takes big class sizes you may not get the one-on-one attention that is required of these courses which can be tough because the training courses don’t last very long.

•    Make sure that the training college that you choose has the right kind of equipment to support programs like Adobe Premier Pro – if they have old computers you will encounter one difficulty after another.

•    Find out whether the college encourages students to form discussion and learning groups. Once your instruction is complete you can still learn a lot from your fellow students.

•    Make sure that you enrol in a recognized college.

How long does the course take and what can you expect to learn?

These courses typically take between 2 and 4 days to complete so you should be prepared to apply yourself. If you haven’t mastered all the aspects of the course there are some colleges that allow you to take additional online learning lessons for free. As for what you will learn, you can expect to cover the following topics:

•    Media management

•    How to imports settings

•    Digital video formats and standards

•    Video editing tools and techniques

•    Audio mixing

•    Adding titles and content

•    Exporting videos

•    Video workflows and digital video formats

•    How to publish your videos to the web

Some of the best Adobe Premier Pro courses require that you create a short video of your own at the end of the training – if you do it successfully you get certified.