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If you need a bespoke web system developing then we can help you. We have custom coded many cool and interesting projects for clients, such as an application that links together the recruitment for pilots and airlines, property listing systems and trade login areas. On the smaller scale we can custom integrate pretty much anything, making everything tie together seamlessly.

The majority of our programming is using mySQL and PHP, Javascript and jQuery to create innovative and dynamic solutions. As part of the design and development process all of our coding goes through a rigorous testing system to ensure it performs as expected under any circumstances. We even have the resources to stage your new system on high power dedicated or virtual servers, ensuring your website can cope with any eventuality.

“We consider every client and business project on an individual basis, carefully developing the solution to meet the needs of your business, and your users.”
– Chris Pangburn, our MD

bespoke development
and its benefits to you

When we develop a website for you we undertake lots of planning and research to ensure that every little detail is covered. After thorough discussions and wireframe documents we begin the coding to create a unique system that is exactly what you want, and what your users need. Our web designers will create a design that will enhance the functionality and appeal of the system, and everything will be integrated together to work in sync.

Our project management system is utilised to ensure that timescales and budgets are adhered to, and to allow us to communicate with you throughout the process. You can see our ideas as the project progresses, and make comments and input as much or as little as you want.

The end result is a website that has been carefully developed to achieve your business goals and objectives.

content managed sites
keeping your website fresh

Keeping your website regularly updated is essential from many perspectives. Adding the latest information and updates to a site looks good in the eyes of your customers. It keeps them updated, and gives your company a dynamic appearance. Google also favours sites that are regularly updated, which is why a blog is also a great addition to many sites. This is also the reason why we provide the immensely popular WordPress Content Management System (CMS) with most of our projects.

If your require a complex system, the best option might be to develop a new system that works in exactly the way you need it to. Processes are optimised and streamlined to make it as easy and quick to manage, and many tasks can be automated to take the weight off your staff.

Whatever your specific requirements, we are sure to be able to develop a winning solution based on our years of design and development experience, not to mention our commitment to excellence.

If you have an idea for a new project, or would like to discuss how to get more out of your website then please get in touch to see how we can help…

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