Research Shows Websites Help to Increase Business Turnover

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As a web designer that works at the fore-front of setting up online solutions for companies in a variety of industries, I’m well aware of the benefits that having a website offers these businesses. For an ecommerce store these benefits are completely obvious, as the online store offers a digital outlet where the company can directly reach customers throughout the world and sell their wares. For those companies that have a brochure website that is purely informational, even this can have massive benefits from the company – especially when combined with a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Some businesses are unfortunately skeptical that a website will positively impact their bottom line, and it’s a shame that they are missing out on the vast advantages of taking the step online. I’ve just found a report from Lloyds Bank about “Britain’s Digital Economy“, and although it’s from 2012 there are quite a few stats and figures that really put things into perspective. Here are a few interesting comments from the article:

  • there is a strong link between online development and turnover growth… ” – Having a website and overall digital presence in terms of social media can increase customer awareness, encourage brand loyalty, assist in lead generation, and in the case of ecommerce websites, directly generate sales. Given the many advantages of having a website designed for your business you would think that everyone is keen to jump on the bandwagon, however there is a subset of the SME population that still hasn’t adopted an online presence…
  • Over a third of UK SMEs still do not have a website and one in five (20%) are ‘deliberately disconnected’ from the Internet.” – This is quite surprising that a third of businesses don’t have a website, especially when you consider the potential benefits. For those that have decided against entering the online world, perhaps these businesses should reconsider their decision and see what extra customers and sales having a powerful website can achieve for their business. By remaining out of the digital loop, the report from Lloyds Bank states:  ”SMEs [are] putting their future growth at risk, missing out on the potential of the Internet to increase productivity further.

So there you have it, if you’re yet to take your business online then why not get in touch to discuss your options.

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